Scary world of Fitness

Do you feel anxious or intimidated walking into a gym full of people?

Sick of people on their phones hogging equipment?

Most people are self conscious and aren’t happy with how they look. For a lot of people gyms make this worse it can be counter productive.

If someone doesn’t feel good going into this place because of how they look or whatever then that will domino effect and you’ll feel worse about yourself

All these things are what I call a barrier to exercise which in your head stops you wanting to work out

I remember when I was training to join the army and I was a bit shy. Then i hit a point where I thought.. Fuck this

I’m paying for the gym im going to go in there and no judging people or whatever will stop me.

Truth is I wish everyone had this attitude where they don’t care about what anyone else thinks.

Especially overweight women and men who comfort eat etc but not everyone does which is where I come in.

I provide one to one or group sessions where people can feel they aren’t being judged by some skinny 18 year old gym bunny or that angry looking bloke who only stays in the freeweights area glaring at people.

Im now based at Puregym Northampton, alternatively I can come to you. In the comfort of your home, garden or outside in a local park. Outdoor fitness has its own benefits too.

Thank you for reading my blog, if you like please let me know and share to others.

Thank you.

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