New Gym in Northampton

I have just walked past someone In a local shopping centre and heard them moan about the fact they are opening another gym in weston favell which is a small part of Northampton in case you dont know. I didn’t hear them moaning about all the new McDonald’s and Starbucks fast food places opening across the town, the boarded up places in town centre becoming charity and coffee shops

Well why would a gym be a bad thing?

There is a gym there at the moment over the road which is under the trilogy group and from what I remember it’s a bit ancient and behind the times. And yes the new one opening is a puregym and I am pro puregym but this post isn’t about brands and marketing. Surely it can only be a good thing that another gym is opening so people can better themselves probably for less money than the current gym charge. So a more affordable place to focus on your health and become New equipment and all that great stuff. The only people it might be a negative for is Trilogy. But if people are looking for something a little different to what

they currently have then you have to satisfy those needs.

Actually why wouldn’t you want someone to have a better quality of life?

If you’re a parent You want the best for your kids right?

You want people to be the best versions of themselves with every available tool and aid to their disposal.

If people leave Trilogy and go to Puregym that’s down to them and the level of service they provide. Yes some people will go and try new gyms because people like to have these tasters. People don’t know what’s out there until they try so let them. Who knows it might be the best decision they ever made in that shopping centre and will no doubt bring lots more business to the rest of the shops.

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