School Days

Hey guys Me again, so i just overheard a conversation where a kid just said to their parent I hate school.

See this got me thinking.

Why do you go to school And to anyone reading to this why are you here?

You think it’s because you have to be here or you’re forced

And do you know why I know that it’s because I was there once counting down the hours to finish the day and you can go home.

The harsh truth is people do that all their lives.

In jobs when they’re adults.

They call it clock watching and sit at their desks and beg for the weekend.

Most people wish their life away ,

Monday blues cant wait for Friday.

Those days are no different it’s just how you see it.

It’s really not as bad as you think it is

Yes things might be hard, ask for help. I wish so bad I had asked for help more when I needed it.

You’ve got to look at school from a different point of view.

You’re here to arm yourself with skills education self confidence etc for later life. I would kill to have a time machine and be back where you are kid!

Trust me on this you have no idea how much potential sits before you until it’s too late.

I don’t want to scare you about life. But I nearly died in a car crash a few years ago. And it was at the point I realised now is the turning point if I don’t make a difference now I will die for nothing.

No one would remember Alex.

What impact will you have in life.

Make sure you stand for something and you are remembered

You owe it to your parents you owe it to your teachers, the reputation of the school but mostly you owe it to yourself to do well.

I had to work so hard to get to where I am today.

My point is if you put the work in now. It will set you up for a better quality of life.

Let’s put a different spin on things…

There’s a school somewhere in Gambia or wherever… they don’t have what you have.

Do you know how lucky you are?

The latest iPhone, new trainers from mum, pens and paper, clean water, a roof over your head?

I want you to realise you have the whole world in your hands and you need to maximise this opportunity and seize the moment.

I promise you life is what you make it. I spent a lot of mine down in the dumps and injured. I will never get that time back.

You will never see today again. The clock ticks away.

Make the most of now.

Write this down.

You’re going to do me a favour and put this on your bedroom wall.

There’s 24 hours in a day. Make every minute count.

I hope you walk past me one day in the street or the gym or supermarket wherever and come up to

Me and tell me you made the most of your education.

That you’ve got the job you always wanted.

hopefully that this little talk had some sort of impact on you and put you down the right Avenue

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