It’s been a while

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while!

The blog and podcast have been on the backburner as things got super busy for me August onwards.

So how have you all been?

What do you have planned for Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate?

This is where someone tells me they are flying to Iceland or something incredible and I regret asking as I’ll be here in Northampton haha.

Well whatever you’re doing or whoever you’re spending it with Hopefully you will have a great few days.

For some people it’s not an easy time of year so for those of you out there especially my military brothers and sisters this can be a tough isolated time no matter who you are.

That’s really why I wanted to write this new blog update. Just to say…

I’m here,


Whatever you need, whether it’s a chat,

A coffee or something to distract your day.

Don’t be that person that bottles things up and does something silly or drinks themselves into oblivion.

Life is for living so let’s bloody well do it.

Thank you to all my face to face, my online clients and everyone of you that have supported me especially this year when I decided to ramp up the PT game and went fully self employed.

You are all bloomin amazing


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