Let’s get into it…  

Okay so, lets delve a little deeper shall we?


What’s holding you back?


It’s got to be something…


Something that’s preventing you from reaching your goals


What’s in the way of you achieving what you want to?


Maybe as you read this you will talk to yourself in your head and start to realise whatever the barrier is, why don’t you get a notepad and jot some bits down when it comes to mind if at all?




So you’re stuck.

Welcome to The 2020 Rut.


Christmas has gone, new years happened and you really want to make this the year to count for something great, and there is no reason it cant.

If you’ve made a New Years resolution write down what it is but more importantly why you want that particular goal.

Is it for a better quality of life?


To make you happier in general?


Cut back on Smoking, Drinking or Eating Rubbish Food?


Saving for that mortgage you need?


Whatever it is… it’s important to you and it means something.


So how do we make sure you attack this goal?


Lots of ways you can put new habits in place.

Was only yesterday I was talking to someone about replacing “bad” habits with slightly better ones.


Its all about small changes and little wins or victories


You don’t climb a flight of stairs by going straight to the top, you get there one step at a time.

that’s what a lot of people tend to forget.


Currently I’m sat in the middle of PureGym on my MacBook Pro and as I look around I can see lots of people on various bits of cardio equipment,

just knowing they default to the big 3 (Treadmill, Bike & Crosstrainer)

why is that? Probably because most people have this illusion that those 3 are what fitness represents or that’s just what you do at a gym.


They all have their place but I cant think of a more boring cluster of machines.


My point is people will come in and automatically stick to these comfort zone machines

It’s a habit they have created probably without even realising.


After all what is a habit?


When you go and put the kettle on chances are without realising you always use the same hand to switch it on, the same hand to stir the spoon with etc.


Or any other task like brushing your teeth, bet you always use the same hand.


Its ingrained in your mind. A process.


Like a computer program.


All you need to do is create a new version of this.


Drinking more water is a massive hurdle people struggle with.

What about instead of eating a whole pack of jaffa cakes while watching Tv at night,

You only eat 4 or 5? yes still not ideal but like I said small changes.


Hopefully this gives you a bit more of an insight into Habits and how to adhere to one.


Setting you a task now.. write down those goals and underneath try and bullet point a few action steps.


“Drinking more water” this can be achieved by :

Setting a reminder or an alarm on your phone nudging you to drink half a pint of water

You can even buy these water bottles with times on now indicating if by a certain time you’ve drank enough.


Like I said Small victories.


Thanks for letting me ramble on and I hope this helps in some way.

If you need help with little things like this then send me a message and let’s see how we can put an action plan in place.


Let me know if this has helped



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