Meet The Coach

Alex Salustro

I am based in Northampton, I also do Mobile training for those who don’t like gyms I can come to you, Outdoor sessions for those who love the fresh air and Online coaching if you’re miles away.

Using various training methods to find the one that fits you and your goals I also specialise in Movement, Mobility and Injury Prevention.

I’ve always liked fitness, (turns out skateboarding when I was younger was great cardio exercise)

I then started going to the gym and bulked up a bit, all I cared about was 200KG deadlifts and gaining muscle, I joined the Army in 2012 but injured my back which left me unable to walk, worked my hardest for 18 months on getting better to rejoin the Army but my back wouldn’t have it.

I Helped people train for a long time but I guess the turning point for me was a car crash in 2016 where I got saved by the air ambulance, I lost all feeling from the waist down for a short time (worst day of my life) and from that day I realised life is too short and from then on I was going to do what I wanted with life and pushed me to start helping others.

I think the point I’m trying to get across is, if you struggle with something, find it tough to stay motivated or are just feeling like there’s not a hope in hell. Trust me I’ve been there.

Which means I know how to help others overcome those hard times. Each day is just a different challenge.

That’s literally where the name Uphill Battle Fitness came from.