Aaron The Boxer

Aaron “The Judgement” Day

So… where do I start?

Aaron is one of my PT clients who came to me to start building up his fitness to aid his Lacrosse and also because he had signed up for an Ultra White Collar Boxing match for charity.

So over the last few weeks we have been pushing boundaries and testing his limits physically and mentally through various methods.

I came up with the TEMPEST programme (which is still ongoing development at this stage)

I won’t go too much into what the different phases are and what it entails on here, cant give everything away for free.

Basically pure cardio conditioning and testing how far you can push your body and mind, it certainly isnt for everyone but Aaron is one of my more Elite clients.

Aaron worked mega hard and what I will share with you is it was broken down into Two main stages.

Stage 1 – Cardiovascular Fitness

Stage 2 – The Mental Game

We built up his levels of fitness with some unorthodox techniques which aided his recovery times and found himself getting fitter, faster and generally better overall, The bigger obstacle was making sure he didnt quit when things got hard and im sure Aaron will tell you my methods are a bit vicious at times. We really only are at the tip of the iceberg.

but results are results and winners win.

(he really did all the hard work)

By pushing him to new limits and making him comfortable in these zones he was able to utilise this in the boxing ring.

If you’ve ever done a HIIT, ZUU, Boxing or whatever session with me you’ll know its about not stopping when times get hard. Quitters quit and thats all they have to show for it
You can be as hyped up as you want but that first punch to the face will either make or break you.

(Trust me I beat myself up for years when I got injured in the Army thinking it was just because I was weak and mentally switched off when really my spine was trying to escape my body)

I know how to train people to get through dark times or whatever because I had to do it myself.

But anyway!

Aaron raised over £600 for charity

he is also an absolute machine as you can see from my Youtube video of all three rounds.

Basically this blog was just to say a massive well done Aaron!

(I hope the video link works if not please visit my Youtube channel Uphill Battle Fitness)

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